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Please note that this Plugin will only work properly with WordPress 3.1 or higher (or one of the WordPress 3.1 release candidates).

OK, it’s been a while since our last Plugin release, so we are pleased to announce a brand new one hot off the press! What does this one do? Well, if you have used a beta version of WordPress 3.1 you will know that on the front end of your blog pages you now have displayed, by default, an admin bar. A screen shot of this is shown below.

The admin bar gives you a menu full of quick links to your WordPress admin panel. A lot of users don’t seem to like the admin panel displayed at the top of every page, and so seek ways to disable it or remove it. You can easily disable it on a per user basis via a users profile page, as shown below.

However this is not that useful if you want to remove it site-wide. The Admin Bar Minimiser Plugin was written to help users keep the admin bar active but be able to minimise it at any time to make it less obtrusive. You can see a demo of the Plugin in action in the following video:

As you can see, the Plugin works by allowing you to minimise the admin bar from view via a single click. You can bring it back just as easily. This also works for the admin bar displayed on the WordPress back end too.

Don’t forget though, to be able to minimise the admin bar on the WordPress back end too you will need to enable it for the currently logged in user. As the admin bar is not enabled by default for WordPress admin pages. However it is for front end pages.

The Plugin will be live in the WordPress repository soon, we are just waiting for the Admin Bar Minimiser SVN repository to go live.

Since the demo video above was recorded I have added an options page for the Plugin. This allows you to set whether the front end, and back end shows the admin bar maximised by default. I would love to hear what you think about the Plugin, and how useful you think it is going to be to you once WordPress 3.1 is here.

13 Responses to Admin Bar Minimiser

    • David says:

      Well the whole point of the Plugin is NOT to remove it but to be able to use it AND hide it pretty much completely from view when not in use. I think the admin bar is overall a good idea but like a lot of people I don’t really like it stuck at the top of the screen all the time. That was my motivation for writing the Plugin. Of course if you really want to get rid of the admin bar completely then there are alternatives! 😉

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  2. TK says:

    its not working for me it’s not visible
    i’m using the latest stable release of wordpress (3.2.1)
    is there anyway you can send the amdin bar back (it is blocking my sliding login)

    • David says:

      I have tested it in WP 3.3 (beta 3) and it works OK. The whole point of the Plugin was to hide the admin bar. When the Plugin is activated the WP admin hides the expand tab by default. You can change this in the Plugin settings. Hover your mouse over the top left of the admin to make the ‘Show’ tab appear. Click it to bring the admin bar into view.

  3. karas says:

    Great! It works fine.
    I hope it will become able to save status (expand or collapse) to cookie or session, in the future. Thank you!

  4. Verdi says:

    Please add the ability to change colors without editing code / directly from the admin interface. Ps. Great plugin, strange that it’s not default in WP.

  5. CiaranG says:

    Great plugin, thanks. One problem – it breaks things (by incorporating http content) when using SSL. Simple change, define JQ_MIN like this instead:

    define(“JQ_MIN”, plugin_dir_url(__FILE__));

    That’s simpler, and in line with WordPress guidelines, and also gets the correct http/https url. Note, you also need to remove the trailing / on /js where JQ_MIN is referenced.

    • David says:

      Thanks for the tip, but I don’t think this Plugin will be updated anytime soon as the WP Toolbar (not called admin bar any more!) is pretty much accepted by users these days and is pretty useful to have around.

  6. Mike Shupp says:


    Any chance of a simple fix for this, or instruct me where/how to edit? With new WordPress 3.6 update, Admin Bar Minimiser hides admin bar, but doesn’t reclaim the page space; after hovering and clicking “Show,” then “Hide” it does… but then not again, after navigating to another page.

    While the extra space is being displayed view source shows:

    html { margin-top: 28px !important; }
    * html body { margin-top: 28px !important; }

    Thanks for any help,

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