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Now updated for WordPress 3.0! Anyone with a WordPress site can benefit from this plugin! To find out how, read on..

The Contemplate plugin is also available on the plugin repository. Also, if you are signed up for our ‘FREE plugin’ support you can go to the Contemplate forum directly here.

Welcome to the Contemplate WordPress plugin page. Contemplate has been designed to save you a significant amount of time by managing commonly used blocks of content (text, HTML, CSS, or Javascript) that you want to appear across your site pages. Content templates can be used in posts, pages, widgets, and comments.

Simply define the content templates in the plugin options page and then insert them anywhere on your site. This is done by adding a shortcode in the place where you want the content to appear. For example, [contemplate1], where the number ‘1’ is the number of the content template.

This is very useful for adding announcements, information, adverts, comment signatures, or anything else you wish! You can add the content templates to web pages to posts, pages, comments, or sidebar text widgets as many times as you like.

Plugin Screenshots

Below is a selection of screenshots of Contemplate in action. You can see the plugin options page with examples, and how the results appear on the front end.

Multiple Content – Edit Once!

Any content that is defined as a template can easily inserted in your post, pages, widget, or comments. But the REALLY nice thing is that if you need to change the content template then it is automatically updated anywhere it is defined on your site, and the change only needs to be made in ONE place – the template!

Content templates can also be temporarily disabled so they won’t be displayed on your site which is ideal if you want to use the template at a later date but don’t want to delete it just yet. The plugin is flexible and very easy to use, why not give it a try!

Motivation for Contemplate

The original motivation behind the plugin was to be able to insert the same content in multiple posts (i.e. information related to a group of posts). Unfortunately, doing this manually, I had to change the ‘stock content’ myself on every post where it was defined. Not only was this method error prone, not to mention tedious, it was also time consuming! But not any longer..

In case you are wondering, the plugin name is derived from:

[Con]tent + [Template] = Contemplate

18 Responses to Contemplate

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  2. Wow, that i a good one

  3. Kevin says:

    I’m very excited about this plugin, but I noticed on the plugin repo that it say’s it’s supported up to 2.9.2. How does the functionality work with 3.0? Are there plans to make it fully compatible?

  4. dgwyer says:

    Thanks Kevin, I am excited too about this Plugin. It potentially has some great time saving features in the current version, plus lots of scope to go even further in future versions. Glad you liked it.. :)

    It has had a fairly slow uptake so far but hopefully this will change as more people use it. Spread the word if you like it!

    I have now tweaked the Plugin so it is now WordPress 3.0 compatible. You can grab the latest version above (at the top of the page), or from the WordPress Plugin repository.

    • Kevin says:

      Wow dgwyer,

      That was amazingly fast! Thanks. I’ll be testing this out on an upcoming project, and will definitely send some feedback your way when I have it.

      Thanks for developing!

  5. kalligator says:

    Great concept. How about rss feeds, does it appear there as well?

  6. power says:

    i am using this plugin such a great plugin but it allowed me to use only 5 templates how can i use up to 5

  7. dgwyer says:

    This is the limitation of the current version, in the next version there will be more. I am working on other projects right now so don’t know when this will be implemented to be honest.

  8. Master0ms says:

    SuperCool Plugins. Just Install it on my WP and find it very useful. Thanks for an awesome work.

  9. BeFound says:

    Thank you. It’s perfect for me. Please keep supporting this plugin.

  10. Mary B. says:

    I installed and activated Contemplate 1.05, and upon visiting the settings page, was shown a graphic telling me to download/install Silverlight. So I did. The install routines quit partway through the process, giving me a message that the version of Silverlight that I downloaded is already installed. Be that as it may, I still can’t see anything but the Silverlight download image on the Contemplate settings page.

  11. But it requires Silverlite, which we don’t use. Why dependency on such a non-standard technology? I would love this plugin if I was able to use it under Linux. No, I don’t touch Mono.

    • David says:

      It’s not exactly a non-standard technology! Also, contemplate was an experiment more than anything. An excuse to use Silverlight in a WordPress Plugin options page.

  12. Biju Subhash says:

    great plugin …
    thank you for sharing..

  13. Meredith says:

    I also am getting the Silverlight popup when I try to paste code into the content box.

    I used both IE8 or 9 and Comodo.

    First time I’ve ever come across this. Any solutions?


    • David says:

      I am going to rewrite this ‘old’ Plugin at some point hopefully soon. Silverlight is pretty much dead now anyway so no point in trying to fix the Silverlight issue.

  14. Charles Bradford says:

    Why did you change the shortcode? From [contemplate1] to [contemplate-1]? So if we upgrade we have to go to every post and page to change the short code? Idiotic!

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