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This plugin gives you an easy way to add a HTML sitemap to your WordPress website so that users can easily see all of your content (posts/pages) in one place. The Simple Sitemap plugin is also available on the plugin repository.

The advantage of having a HTML sitemap is that links to all your content is visible from one place. This gives your site visitors a quick overview of your site and how it is structured. It is also good for SEO purposes and makes it easier for spiders to index your site.

Simply add the shortcode [simple-sitemap] to a new page, or post (although I recommend you add it to a page), then click publish and you have an instant sitemap!

Have a feature that you would like to see added to this plugin? If so, head over to our Simple Sitemap support forum and post a message and we will do our best to include it in the next version!

If you subscribe to our RSS feed (top right of the screen) then you will be notified automatically of new updates.

Plugin Roadmap

There is always something left to do! Here are the most pressing things that will be added in future versions:

  • Show posts, or pages (or both)
  • Show posts first, or pages (if both displayed)
  • Exclude individual posts/pages
  • Sort ascending, or descending (in addition to the available sorting options)
  • Be able to add custom sitemap links (to non WordPress areas)
  • Internationalization.
  • Options section to add links to sitemap that can’t be auto generated. Such as links to forum, shopping cart, custom pages, image galleries and so on.

117 Responses to Simple Sitemap

  1. Does this plugin submit to the 4 top search engines like the XML-Sitemap plug? I like the layout of your sitemap better than the aforementioned one, but communication with each update to the search engines is important. This I would like to know

  2. Zach says:

    Love the plugin, upset it doesn’t have more customization/options..then again, I think I noticed these adjustments in your ‘To-Do List’ :)

    Its mostly because my theme is slightly condensed, so I had to go in directly to modify the two column table to just one…then adjusted where the link location would appear when the ‘Sort by’ option was changed. Otherwise, its a GREAT PLUGIN!

    Thanks for your work!

  3. miftah says:

    thanks for this plugins
    it’s really simple but working fine

  4. The only HTML sitemap plugin that actually works. I hope the feature to exclude pages will come soon enough!

    Thanks for your good work.

  5. dgwyer says:

    The Plugin is currently undergoing some fundamental planning/restructuring to include the option to display posts by category, tags etc.

    Once this additional functionality has been implemented then I will be adding some bells and whistles in the form of Plugin admin options that will give the user choices on how the sitemap is displayed on screen (including excluding specific posts, pages etc).

    Any specific requests please let me know and I will add to the Plugin to-do list. :)


  6. The only HTML sitemap plugin that actually works. I hope the feature to exclude pages will come soon enough!

    Thanks for your good work.

  7. manzilur says:

    thanks for simple sitemap.very good. i’m indonesian

  8. jim_WordPress says:

    How about support of custom post types?
    And the ability to say which custom post types to display or not display, and in what order?

  9. rainer says:

    just installed the plugin and activated it.
    The activation causes a change in the fontsize in the main menue. Exept the “home” button.
    I guess from to .
    The same happened to one of my two sidebar widget.
    As soon as I deactivate the plugin, the fontsize is the original again
    I use a weaver 2010 template.
    Can you fix this bug?

    But besides that … a very nice plugin

  10. rainer says:

    the fontsize chanhes between h5 and h3 i guess
    Sorry, in the first comment i used brackets

  11. David Miles says:

    The location.href event does not fire in Safari or Opera on the Mac – check in FireFox and the dropdowns work as expected, check the same page in Safari and they fail – same for Opera

  12. Ian says:

    If I have a account, if I sign up with dreamhost can this account be attached to my website? Is domain name free until I do not host with dreamhost? What is the cost of the domain name after?

    • David says:

      Your is a hosted solution and so is totally separate to your own WordPress site if you were to purchase a domain. You may be able to export content from your site though. If you purchased our FitPro theme (and sign up for a dreamhost hosting account) we will even go in there and install WordPress and FitPro FREE of charge! :)

  13. Andreas says:

    Actually the best HTML sitemap plug-in that I have come across, but excluding certain posts and pages is a MUST HAVE feature. (Please send me a mail once it’s done.) Next on my wish-list is the ability to adjust the depth of nested pages, but that’s not as important. I much like the two column layout!


    • David says:

      Hi Andreas,

      Yes that will be done probably in the next release, but I’m not sure when that will be exactly as I am very busy with theme development at the moment.

  14. Matt says:

    Hi. As someone else mentioned above, the drop-down selects aren’t firing in Chrome or Safari on Mac. After a bit of googling I’ve edited the code so it works now.

    What I’ve done is duplicated the plugin folder, disable the original plugin and activated the new one. That way I can always refer back to the old plugin if necessary.

    In the plugin folder ‘simple-sitemap’ open and edit the file ‘simple-sitemap.php’…

    Find and replace the Pages drop-down code with this:

    Show pages by:

    <option value="” >Title
    <option value="” >Date
    <option value="” >Author


    Then find and replace the Posts drop-down code with this:

    Show posts by:

    <option value="” >Title
    <option value="” >Date
    <option value="” >Author
    <option value="” >Category
    <option value="” >Tags


    Re-upload the file ‘simple-sitemap.php’ and hopefully it should be working now.

  15. Matt says:

    Hmmm, my code has been stripped out even though I used back-ticks. If you can tell me how I can post the code here I’ll re-submit it. Thanks.

  16. Theresa says:

    Just installed the plug-in. Would like the parent/child indented levels to show up like they do in your screen shot. Mine is just a straight list of bullets.

    Site map is here:

    Can you please tell me how to code the page or CSS to show these levels? Thanks!

    • David says:

      Indentation is dictated by the hierarchy of the post/pages and not by layout or css.

    • Erik says:

      Had a similar problem, only that only the top-level pages appeared at all. Turned out to be because my navigation also had the class “children” for its sub-pages, which messed the CSS up a bit. Might be the problem for you as well.

  17. I tried to install and activate the plugin in a website where wp e commerce plugin is installed. But the plugin was throwing fatal error.

  18. Syamsul Alam says:

    Hi, this is really great plugins! It just didn’t work in my site for some reason.

    I’ve put the shortcode in my wordpress page, but it just refuse to transform into epic sitemap that I wanted it to be. What do you think about it? How can I fix it? Thanks for your answer!

    *If you want, here’s actual link to my archives page:

    • David says:

      Make sure the Plugin is installed and activated.

      It is probably a Plugin conflict, it’s usually the case! To test this, disable all your other Plugins temporarily.

  19. Jerome says:

    I have the shortcode on this page:

    I have the navigation set up as some sub-menus, but the sitemap code is not showing them in a hierachial view.

    Is there some reason this is not happening? Is there something else I need to do to get this view?

    Please help and thanks in advance!

    • David says:

      The sitemap Plugin follows page hierarchy set under ‘Pages’, not custom nav menu hierarchy. This is because you can set several different nav menus all with different page hierarchies.

  20. Hi David,

    There has got to be a way to code for “Custom Nav Menu” items! The developers of WordPress had to have crossed that bridge when doing the “Custom Nav Menu” system.
    I’m aware that I can hardcode “a href=” however that’s hackish at best.

    I understand that you are coding for “posts”, “pages”, “cats”, with your simple-sitemap plug-in. But there must be some way ( a simple way ) to code for “Custom Nav Menu” links.

    I also understand that you can “do” anything you want with coding. However I would really like to avoid writing 170 lines of code for this one goal.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • David says:

      If you could always guarantee that a user would only define ONE custom nav menu then it would be quite simple. However, once you add more than one it doesn’t work.

      You might only be interested in showing just the pages for your ‘first’ custom nav menu on the sitemap but this doesn’t mean it would be suitable for everyone. However, you can get around this by mirroring your Page hierarchy to the custom nav menu you created.

  21. Pearl says:

    Hi, Thank you for your plugin. I used it and saw all the pages listed. Is there a way to exclude some of these pages? It did not bring up all my product posts (it is an ecommerce site) so we do not have posts, we have product posts. Is there a way to list all product posts?
    Thank you.

  22. Jeff says:

    David, Thanks for the nice plugin.

    However, it appears to add a Reply function at the bottom even though I have comments turned off. It there any way for me to correct this? Perhaps I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

    Its on the Sitemap page on my website.

  23. Sam says:

    Great html sitemap plugin David. Certainly the best i could find.
    Is it possible to exclude pages from the sitemap.
    The only workaround i’ve found is to have a page without a title – then it doesn’t show in the sitemap. Is there a better way, lik eadding in some sort of ‘custom field’ ie. simple-sitemap_exclude | true?

  24. Jay Pandey says:

    Hi David, I am using this plugin for one of my client site. It’s working fine but somehow it’s showing maximum 10 posts per category only. How can I change configuration property to include all the posts.

  25. lise says:


    Is there a way to call the code from a template?


  26. David says:

    Just a quick note to say that the updated version (1.4) has two new features:

    - Exclude pages (by ID).
    - All posts are now displayed, they are no longer limited by the value set in Settings -> Reading.

  27. Sam says:

    Thanks for the update – Now’s it’s perfect :)

  28. David says:

    Thanks Graham!

  29. rika says:

    Hi David – Adore this plugin.. I have one request… when I click on say, a tag, it brings me to: Posts Tagged “…” – I want to change the verbiage to something else, like Perfumes with Notes of: — Is this possible?
    Actually, to change the verbiage on several of the pages that the click will bring me to… where are these words found?

    and, have you made progress on the …remove certain tags/posts/categories from sitemap yet?

    thanks ever so much!

    • David says:

      The phrases you mentioned will be contained in your theme files.

      As for removing certain tags, categories, posts this is also on the to-do list.

  30. Ruth Maude says:

    Thanks for adding the ability to exclude pages this is great. Now we just need a place to be able to add additional links so that my custom post types will show.

    Great plugin thanks

  31. Robert says:


    Great plugin, but it does not fit in my template (using a page with sidebar). Tried editing the CSS to bring the columns in a little closer in hopes it all fits on the page properly. No luck.

    Any advise, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  32. Lori says:

    When I preview the sitemap it shows up fine, but when I publish it gives me a 404 error. Is it possible I am having a conflict with my sitemap.xml plug in? If so can you tell me how to fix it? Thank You, Lori

    • David says:

      Could be nothing to do with the Plugin. Try going to Settings -> Permalinks in your WP admin in-case you have a permalinks problem. Then try to view your page again. Otherwise it could be a Plugin conflict. Try disabling other Plugins temporarily.

      • Gurmeet says:

        I’m also getting the same 404 error when published the page on which I want to display simple sitemap. It’s not working even without xml sitemap plugin installed on offline wamp server setup, it gives same error.

        I’m using WordPress 2.5.1

        Thanks in advance,

  33. Brett says:

    How do I not display the ‘Leave a Comment’ and ‘Notify’ options after the Site Map???

  34. Wilson says:

    Hi David,

    Does the exclude pages by ID feature also work for Posts? The reason I am asking is because I have got TWO password protected pages and though I have listed their post id numbers in the exclude option separated by commas, they still appear in the sitemap.

    Is this because the exclude feature is not yet available for posts and categories or am I missing something here?

    Thanks again for the great plugin, works like a charm otherwise!

    • David says:

      The exclude feature excludes pages by ID and works just fine for pages password protected or not. If your pages are not being excluded then check your page ID is correct (use the post ID for the page), and is in a comma separated list if you are adding more than one.

  35. shahed hasan says:

    This Pluggin is working , I Like it

  36. nice plugin, one of my favorit :)

  37. Theresa says:

    Love the plugin, but was wondering if it is possible to include several lines of content to posts header on sitemap page. To give visitors a more descriptive headline of what the post or article is about.

  38. Dianne says:

    Hi, I am a totaly technophobe and have installed the site map but have NO IDEA how to find the short code? Please help?

  39. Julian says:

    Having support for Custom Post Types in the Sitemap will be great ! ;) Looking forward for the news.

  40. Anand Kumar says:

    Thanks david and scot for the sitemap, i had been searching for something like this. Just one quick question i wanted to alter the size of the text so that the page length becomes small, where should i alter the same.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Anand Kumar

  41. SEO says:

    Nice plugin…! Just tested it out and works a treat…

  42. Lucas says:

    I may be getting lazy and asking a stupid question here but just wondering whether or not I could edit or place another value into the short-code so that It only shows certain pages?

    EG: [simple-sitemap category="8"]??? Would function like so:

    Category 8
    – First link
    – Second
    – Third
    – Fourth

    I want to create a glossary page which has links to 50-60 different terms / references which are seperate pages.

    Can it do this or is there anyway I can manipulate it to do so?

    Thanks in advance,


  43. Rob says:

    Hi David,

    It’s all working great, but…. on my actual sitemap page, the link for “sitemap” is not there, it only appears when I hover over it :-S I cant figure out why this is………?


  44. John says:

    The method to install this plug in is not clear. DO just put [Simple Site-Map] in the page called Site Map?
    It doesn’t seem to work

  45. Tim says:

    weblink for sitemap, in the sitemap section doesnt appear on my website either, weird

  46. Tim says:

    ah its ok now, i just had to flush the cache, i see it now lol

  47. Shripad says:

    Great plugin I will use it my wordpress website… Thanks dude.

  48. Dita says:

    Hi David,

    I have installed the plugin previously on one of my sites. When I checked the setting then it had the option to display pages and posts on the LHS or RHS.

    I installed the plugin on a new site and I noticed the plugin does not offer the opportunity to display on LHS or RHS. Is there anything wrong with the plugin I downloaded or have you removed the option of displaying posts or page on left or right.



    • David says:

      Hi Dita,

      That’s correct, it is one column now only. From the Plugin description:

      “Note: From version 1.52 you can add the [simple-sitemap] shortcode to a Text widget too! Rendering of the sitemap is now one column so it fits nicely on posts, pages, or your sidebar.”

  49. Dita says:

    Thanks David,

    Appreciate your time to answer my question.

    Have a great day!


  50. Ally says:

    Hi, I just updated the newest version of this plugin, however, after this update the two column layout is gone… I’m wondering if you could bring the two-column (page and post) layout back, ’cause I really like that one much better. Thank you very much!

    • David says:

      Hi Ally,

      The sitemap will stay as one column so it can display CTP as well in future versions. Also, one column layout allows you to add the sitemap to a text widget.

      If you want 2 columns then you can just display posts and pages and float the div’s with custom CSS.

  51. Rich says:

    Hi David, we also really appreciated the two-column layout of your great plugin! We have no need to have a site map as a text widget or in a sidebar.

    With respect to “If you want 2 columns then you can just display posts and pages and float the div’s with custom CSS.”, can you tell us exactly how to do that?


  52. Bill says:

    It is quite easy to make a basic sitemap, however the plugin isn’t excluding the pages I ask it to. It’s updating the database field (wpss), but not using the info to exclude the pages.

    • David says:

      It might be a Plugin/theme conflict. Disable all Plugins apart from the sitemap and see if this helps. If not, also revert the theme to Twenty Ten or similar.

      The exclude pages feature has been tested and works so my first guess is some sort of a conflict.

  53. It’s been 6 weeks i started using this plugin. Plugin is working great and i didn’t face any issues till now.

    Thanks for developing such a wonderful plugin :)

  54. Joyce says:

    I’ve been using simple sitemap since quite some time, since Dagon Design generator stopped being updated. I like it very much and would be willing to translate it into my language. Would you consider making it translatable and provide a pot file for it?


  55. Joyce says:

    Hi David,
    I will be looking forward to it. Thank you very much!

  56. sam says:

    Great plugin- thanks heaps. Would it be possible to add an option that if a page ID is excluded, to also exclude its children?
    Many thanks

  57. Ron says:

    can you elaborate on “If you want 2 columns then you can just display posts and pages and float the div’s with custom CSS.” – or even more important, is that statement all the description I need to hire someone to make that change for me?

    Thanks for your plugin.

    • David says:

      There are two div’s stacked on top of one another for posts and pages. If you want two columns these can be floated with CSS to appear side by side if that’s what you want.

  58. Mc.Sim says:

    Hi David,
    After one of last updates, I found the problem.
    On my site
    All categories with first letter (only in Russian) show uncorrect the first letter.
    Such us ???? (1) it should be ??? (1).

    P.S. Thanks for plugin

  59. Jose says:

    The plugin does not work on my website. I’m using it in a text box, but I only see [simple-sitemap] on the screen. What’s wrong? Thanks in advance.

  60. Hi,
    The product links generated by the Site Map Plugin are opening the wrong URL, how can I fix this? thanks,


  61. Hi,

    I’m having the following problem:

    • The list of Pages is sorted from A-Z (descending)
    • But the list of Products is sorted from Z-A (ascending)

    I want all list to be sorted from A-Z (descending), thanks,

  62. Immer says:

    Hi, I am using simple sitemap and I like it. However, all of my posts are displayed on one page, I wonder if anyone tells me how to show the posts by using number navigation. That would look great, thank you in advance. (I am a bit newbie)

  63. gourav says:

    Hi, I am using simple sitemap plugin it’s working perfect but in sitemap shows FAQs .So how to remove faqs in my sitemap page

  64. Hi,

    I’m having the following problem:

    • The list of Pages is sorted from A-Z (descending)
    • But the list of Products is sorted from Z-A (ascending)

    I want all list to be sorted from A-Z (descending), thanks,

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