Simple Sitemap Plugin

We are pleased to announce a new plugin in development which should be ready for testing next sometime next week, with a release into the repository soon after. This plugin adds a global sitemap to your WordPress website so that users can easily see all of your content (posts/pages) on a single page. Simply add a Shortcode to a new page (or post), click publish and you have an instant sitemap!

The advantage of having a HTML sitemap is that links to all your content is visible from one place. This gives your site visitors a quick overview of your site and how it is structured. It is also good for SEO purposes. There will be plenty of plugin options to alter the way the sitemap is generated, including:

  • Show posts, or pages (or both)
  • Show posts first, or pages (if both displayed)
  • Exclude individual posts/pages
  • Sort content by date added (ascending, or descending)
  • Sort content alphabetically (by titles)
  • Add custom sitemap links (to non WordPress areas)

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the plugin then please don’t hesitate to let us know. We would be most interested how this could be of use to you on your own website.