Simple WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A crash course in optimizing your site keywords using your theme SEO settings, or SEO settings from a plugin. Learn about the title tag, meta description tag, and meta keywords tag, as well as how to change your permalinks to be SEO friendly.

4 Responses to Simple WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. Pete says:


    how about getting the seo done on the page content, I guess I need to learn html?

    • David says:

      Hey Pete,

      The FitPro SEO system works on Posts AND Pages. Just look for the SEO box in the WordPress admin to enter your keywords etc. towards the bottom of the page you are currently editing (it may need expanding if it is minimised).


  2. I have been grasping for this answer apart from wordpress theme seo. There’s a lot information online but I still need some concise points to get the best results with search engine rankings. I did not get satisfactory results with my current niche that i am trying to establish. Am i missing something with on-page seo that can considerably improve my blog’s overall online traffic.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Jeremy, on site SEO doesn’t do a whole lot to bring traffic to your site, it just sets your site up for the right KIND of traffic. Getting traffic to your site is achieved through off site SEO and marketing. Things like link building, PPC, referrals, etc.

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